Newz of the World is a podcast, so you can subscribe to it using a podcast client. Don’t get confused: the subscription is of course fee and just makes sure that your computer or smartphone automatically downloads each new episode once it became available.

Susbcribe using the Podlove Subscribe Button

In most cases, the Podlove Subscribe Button should be your easiest way to subscribe to the podcast. The button presents a list of podcast clients to choose from which are then launched automatically.

If this does not work, we have some more options how to subscribe.

Subscribe to this podcast using iTunes

Newz of the World is included in the iTunes Podcast Directory (a part of the Apple iTunes Store) and should be the easiest way for iTunes users to subscribe to the program.

Using iTunes you not only subscribe to the content, you can also leave comments and a rating if you like. This might make it easier for others to discover the content.

Subscribe with other podcast clients

Other podcast clients have either their own podcast directory (some also use iTunes) and have a search function where you should be able to look up Newz of the World. You might want to try that first.

If that fails or there is no directory attached, you can usually provide a direct URL of the podcast feed. That would be this one:

You might need to copy this URL and paste this into your podcast client.

Alternate feed with episodes in other format

Some legacy media players might not to be able to play back our episodes or you might prefer other formats for other reasons. We have provided alternate podcast feeds with episodes encoded in MP3, Vorbis and Opus instead of MPEG-4 Audio. (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis) (Ogg Opus)

You might need to copy this URL and paste this into your podcast client.

Subscibe to comments

Who wants to stay up to date with the comments provided by users in this little blog can also subscribe to the comment feed. Use this URL/link to do it: