NEWZ094 He’s great with flies

Election Aftermath — The Angry Duck — Supreme Court decisions — Poland and Hungary — Brexit

So here we are for another instalment of Newz of the World in which we again look at the fallout of the US elections at a stage where finally the president starts accepting the outcome without publicly conceding or changing tone. But we look at the upcoming cabinet appointments of the Biden administration, the candidates of the upcoming senate election runoffs in Georgia and the role the of the Supreme Court. We also widen our view a bit and talk about Poland and Hungary's role in the EU and the disaster that is going to be the final step of Brexit and the end of the year.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove

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One thought on “NEWZ094 He’s great with flies

  1. Tim asked whether it was now up to the media to confirm the outcome of the election. I don’t think there is any constitutional authority in the time between the presidential election and the day when the electors meet, because that’s the day that really matters! Who knows exactly whether the electors will keep to the partly traditional agreements in the individual states?

    All the transition activities that have now begun rely exclusively on all the electors voting the way it is traditionally done. We will only know who will be president when the electors have voted.

    What could be changed? In my opinion, the electoral system would have to be fundamentally changed in order to be able to declare a constitutionally established result shortly after the presidential election. The easiest way to achieve this would probably be to oblige the electors in all states to elect the president whose majority has been elected by the respective state.

    Thank you and please continue with the show!

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