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Election Aftermath — The Angry Duck — Supreme Court decisions — Poland and Hungary — Brexit

So here we are for another instalment of Newz of the World in which we again look at the fallout of the US elections at a stage where finally the president starts accepting the outcome without publicly conceding or changing tone. But we look at the upcoming cabinet appointments of the Biden administration, the candidates of the upcoming senate election runoffs in Georgia and the role the of the Supreme Court. We also widen our view a bit and talk about Poland and Hungary's role in the EU and the disaster that is going to be the final step of Brexit and the end of the year.
Veröffentlicht am: 27. November 2020
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  2. Prologue 00:00:14.640
  3. US president accepts reality of election. Kind of. 00:03:47.967
  4. What damage can trump still cause 00:15:18.630
  5. Biden starts choosing his cabinet and announcing his policies 00:22:11.746
  6. Georgia Senate Runoffs 00:33:43.575
  7. Supremes make a covid-religion ruling where conservative judges show their stripes 00:45:02.492
  8. Countries struggles with consipiracy theories around Covid 00:49:22.818
  9. Poland and Hungary block EU's Gender Action Plan 00:58:12.247
  10. Brexit in the end stage 01:07:00.960
  11. Epilog 01:16:29.643
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Mark Fonseca Rendeiro

Hello i bought everything everything except for the stuff thats gonna fall on the floor. Add happy belated birthday tim. Happy happy belated birthday to may to ebenezer so many birthdays. No i think you know you been podcasting along time when you meet someone not that we meet people anymore but when we were still meeting people live and you forget that you interviewed them one. The podcast i'm bad that happen a few times like this person's very interesting when someone i know you have the on the podcast. Don't ever let that happen to know what you have to do. I think would you it was about two thousand five i think just after the big bang of podcasting. Two thousand four end of october two thousand four. A little or a lot some some few months. When here here we are all these years later and look at what happened with the world and look like how we describe it every few weeks fever to the form of news of the world weird for some people in my bed scary some of these years but we arrived an interesting moment near here november twenty twenty let's get into some of this news ten because i mean i guess the biggest thing you know on people's wishlists for this year was yet you know the election. Right so we have to come back to the election but it's interesting to be any post us twenty twenty election world i think we're to post twenty twenty. So the latest on it when last we last spoke with you the president of the united states had not accept the results but joe biden had been declared bye the media by several states that had given their projections that by joe budden head up would be the next president so what we head since the election of course is that the president current president donald trump says not. Basically i'm sending my team of crack lawyers. Correct lawyers two two argo that this is a stolen election or this is a fragility election and we've been watching this unfold for i guess three weeks now. Two weeks but we arrived end of november and good news tim president of united states donald trump has said not that he lost the election but he has said that the office of transition within the white house is loud to start the process he said something to the effect of dave gotta do what they got a do but. He himself is not said i lost the election he still says i want by the way waste away i won't he could be giving a speech about you know pumpkins and hillside by the way won the election throws it in now it's catchphrase. So they still have a several lawsuits going but they lost more than i found feat lainey edwards and places like pennsylvania in places like i think georgia they been thrown out. How many of these require rudy giuliani show up and, defense some kind of idea i wonder say you'll be there still fighting in court with the idea that they can throw out what day of chosen el to call illegal vote is become a a term they introduce their better pushing they are there their votes legal and some of them. Right in from what i can gather at least from reading and watching this is war among significant numbers people within his. Support like within is bass within the people who voted for him i'm not sure exactly how many there's lots of pills attended on this subject but, definitely their people who believe this is the case some of the machine up to protest at the court houses in different places but there's certainly numbers people. Who share trump's or learn from trump's observations and believe that something really bad happened in this election. End that intervals multiple states and minds population of votes there's lots of terms and rudy giuliani has pushed a few phantom voting there is the venezuela theory that an algorithm, let's start in venezuela or something like that created a situation where many more people voted then could possibly vote. Is ghost. Is the phantoms. No rudy giuliani appeared as one of my favorite bit of new since the election he had to be in court, add actually lead a case the first time in like thirty years and he made all kinds of mistakes misquoting the judge referring to biden is george bush a few times accident i think it got the names of the states wrong a few times so, it's not that it hasn't been fun in some weird ways but i know it's had a lot of people nervous the idea that will donald trump is not gonna allow this process because it out but we know know that it least when it comes to money for the transition because i have to pay people have to prepare things i know that the domain i believe of the white house now the president elect is now able to go to buy the numbers things have been blocked so that indeed play the time the dog ration comes i guess joe budden can take office we know and will talk about at the moment we know he's nominating his cabinet any certainly making speeches as the president elect interestingly donald trump has. Start a to vacationer accidently say well i know this is happening so it's nice to have a guy who actually knows what's happening, set him into his current job yeah i think twitter announce that they will be giving the handler account of the white house, too joe biden when the inauguration takes place so there we go a little things is what we take happiness. What we see now is that a lot of facial processes and things i have always happen over the course of elections actually really on people respecting tradition and that is a bad thing for twenty twenty that's a bad thing for the rise of trump is a because there is this new thing of. I'm steppin' out tradition and proud of it invite for me support me because i'm sick of tradition local tradition is gotten ascend the world is a mess it's because of these things that i been followed so. What of this is not legally required for example the process of you losing election you see the projections even before all the votes are counted and that the losing candid would call the winning candidate and say. Congratulations of course you know i'm accepting what i see is the the numbers good luck you know i support you because in the end we're all together. This is not have to happen at all so we definitely know that trump probably will never sorry we definitely no we don't know but it's unlikely that trump will ever say. I didn't win or call vitamin say accept he won't go it will just skip it now what legally will happen is that when the inauguration happens he will physically be escorted i don't think we're gonna have to grab his arms or anything but they're going to point to a door any transport will be waiting and some intimidating looking people that used to work for him will say it's time to go and i'll have to go. So there are some actual procedures that are happenings but yes they needed him to without any legal requirement start this process, add a tradition out of respect for the process but if you dont have respect the process if you see everything differently than that really throws a monkey wrench in everything, that is what trump is doing has done and it's funny because we also as with many things we've changed the way we measure things another words i don't know that many people expected anymore that trump will, actually can see this election that's just not his way you always see these clothes by advisors to him that say listen best gonna get from him saying ok start the process i guess that is good as it gets this is a this is jeezy quibbled it's like he he speaks a different language he functions under a different reality child like you you look up with a child does even if scribble and you go pretty nice set this is good and we all celebrate the saturdays now he changed things i don't know forever but is definitely changed things. Yes what's interesting is that this office of transition i think i'm getting ready something like that. Looking at which is just a formality but they do have a budget they have access to all kinds of aspects of preparing to be the president it's run by someone who is a trump appointee. Add that's interesting relationship all these things that have been simply someone has been put somewhere by the president and their potentially be loyal to that person and it is one of the concerns about many things over the years so she didn't know didn't launch she's one of the fourth of the didn't allow this go forward and i do want to hear for example if she'll be replaced very quickly but i'll be by someone who died a point of course. Find new traditional weather next take over the office is regardless of what happens in four years ago allow the transition to happen i can say that with some conference by is not gonna take off this new traditional trump where you never admit that you've lost and you never are you try hard not to like the transition happened any deservedly this is gonna make things a lot harder in january it's still might have because we have had some delay just to have a president that can start doing the job, immediately i supposed to having some months of still trying to get access to certain accounts to certain places things people whatever money. So it's already in a little bit damages been done probably won't fully understand that unless somebody investigates but, the good news is transition is happening from one president to another many people, dowden this what happened many people feared violence on a mass scale which has not been the case i'm not overlooking small or smaller incidents violence that happened confrontations i mean it's it's a thing now in the us. Right we a few more rebels in the republican party that we probably did three weeks ago a few more people that speak out against trump the other still many people telling the line and saying i think is a stolen election trumps are guy he still has to do things i still is doing things another's a lot, set about how he doesn't appear in public and i mean psychologically speaking it is very fast needing this little boy what is rich boy his feelings are hurt and he may not be excited about the job anymore since he is still doing things or the people that he's appointed are still proceeding with certain plans i was just reading i'm interested in aviation oddly enough and there's been this open skies agreement with russia, for many years and basically the agreement is that rush i can fly specifically missions observe over the united states in the united states can do the same thing with trump set ringer pull out of this agreement any has and not process is happening now. That was interesting i don't know how i feel about open skies at its have to learn more but is interesting that even after the election this decision go forward it may actually be that, i said he would read join open skies but in the mean time they selling off the plains at the parks and i don't know something is happening from the trump administration in this lame duck period i'm sure it's not just that right there other policies happening we also know that the present office of the presidency has gotten more powerful over the last ten twenty years they found ways and it's not just republicans obama did it too clinton started out maybe but it's this idea that ok i can't go through congress you certainly can end this time you've lost your leverage this is a lot of simply red wheel to do anything but so you have the power of executive orders. Add executive orders you can simply for example obama tried to protect search and his kind of a tradition you try to protect certain federal lands in a heartbeat republican it would seem you trying unprotected certain federal lands just within executive order and sometimes that. Is possible that doesn't get challenge do it works until the next president comes in the apparently issues a bunch of executive orders canceling the previous ones so he can still do that we don't know how far he might go are might not you mentioned pardons here on news of the world we love to follow the pardon, start a map or the party records and we just got a part in i think yesterday and that was won that we predicted of flynn. Michael flynn pardon for the what was charged with during the muller, probably conspiring river was forget blackmail talking russia and so he started and we know that i think trump can still pardon a few more people we, give out that list of last show so this is probably not over so lame duck or not specially this president, i don't think it's gonna act so much like a lame duck. Behind the scenes it would seem that in public he has gotten a little discouraged and is not being so bold other than tweeting you know i want i want did i mention i won, i want to speak sings so tied up not we still gotta get through almost two months especially i think this the next thirty days will be a pretty active time for him. Yeah the angry. Ugly duck. Yeah yeah i think it's hard to know the measure and it's probably on a case by case basis like if you can think about it if you designate lands as protected. If you doesn't make land as unprotected how much time did us time before someone like vitamin can undo that and then protect land and in that time does a oil company wrap your friends with or ready having agreement with waiting do they move in and start drilling within the two three months how fast can a bis administration get to work even on undoing for years of what i guess would be a lot of executive orders that's a good question and i think that india there something their very hard to rebuild or undo if they involved, real damage and the other things that i think can be undone quickly so that that i guess i can give me some hope this is a game of like someone with a pencil writing a bunch of things real quick when someone coming with any racer and it's just a matter of life ok how long is it gonna take three to get down this page of rediculous policies or whatever it is, i guess this is also why preparation for the president elect is really important because you've got so much even just from the previous administration that you want to know about and get to work on if it's a matter reversing or whatever it maybe. I need anyone who's following in a mood i'm sure it's gonna be a drop off now with people paying attention to the media perhaps make people are tired but you know we've been curious as well about ok bye is elected there's a coalition behind this person obviously of different kinds of interests we can say the left of center with discuss even the possibility of republicans being part of it because he wants to bring people together invite himself as a centrist what we see so far is a large list of former obama stafford that other jobs or related jobs debut someone who is addicted something is now perhaps the head or the chiefs of something so you know it chief of staff run claim who. Please also old friends of bitten also is significant years so that people with a lot of experience, opting for that experience so we had a number of old names. I would say on the brightside because you and i talked about looking forward to a canadian style cabinet and when we say that we mean a very diverse cabinet electrode show when he first came, into the prime minister chip science of that we have a couple of people even just saw that the. What might be the proposed a defense secretary will be a woman who's name escapes me right now. She is older someone has been around and their for seniors experience acceptable has a lot of contacts within the defense industry but also people who are, critical of the previous years of the defense department like her that she's a change in someway we see. Yes this was not able hands but so the hope proposal for secretary hasn't come up yet but there's discussions that are happening in their letters being written by members of the house recommending someone's we don't know yet a lot of these positions don't require any confirmation so these advisors to the president they sing some diversity in those positions secretary of state anthony lincoln this is someone that. I never notice before but it again i'm not for the kinks who you know knowing a who's who in the world of us. Presidential politics we have homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkun that one has to be confirmed the evil has landed to be confirmed we do have the i think the first, on voice for a climate certainly didn't notice one for trump and elina if it's john kerry. I said i don't see jim carrey is a big environment list, but of course maybe weather going for is someone with tons experience what was almost president will be very listen to and respected when he shows up to international meetings, show maybe. Yeah yeah right up there after for example hilary clinton when it comes to respect on a national international scale so get it would be maybe idk. Yes he can you can do the job and make a documentary about it afterwards. Yes we've seen a secretary of the treasury treasure is janet yellen. Set the proposal she was head of the fed so again the only theme i see here is. Yes that's no news there's no blood so far maybe these to positions are and where they wanna risk someone from outside someone without. I don't know experience on the job so that's so far by the way to georgia. Former senator she's so high for possibly secretary the interior. Which would be interesting an wood representative in someways and outside of those she had done things while she been ambassador during clinton i think. End of course of vinai are we also know that impastor un linda thomas greenfield. So there's a women, there's people of color on this list is also old respected great white woods we could you. Yes to the previous cabinet and suddenly experience certainly not people who spent a lot of money on biden's campaign, no there not a lot of new names here and there some talk on social media and some people don't want to hear it right now that progressives for example feelin like. Come on man we need change we need something new and what were we see your is i don't think is a surprise to you and i tim we see a joe biden who lives on people trusts and his experience. That's right. Yes. Share and we just saw this week that one of the major facilities has been close down because it's so inhumane believe it in texas but of course their building a new one that's supposed to be more humane you know if you can put people in cages let's make them apparently more human cages but something not to forget i don't forget is that people putting put putting people in cages what's happening during obama it's actually a long running problem of immigration policy or lack thereof so a lot of this facilities existed under obama and then got a lot more attention and of course got filed under trump that makes me suspicious as a person is against these facilities and this practice, does bitten go back to obama methods or do they really break with the tradition. No right we don't know we'll see but when you bring that people from that erra i wonder, if it makes me wonder if they've really series about doing anything different understand why they've done this experience certainly a lot of people that voted for. Name up for going back to the way things were under obama intermission it is a normal a more normal time i'm not one of those people i feel that you just go back to the way things were you need to do better. I hope that isn't visuals at the appoints have similar thinking not let's just make it two thousand eight again, set want to go back to last night so we'll see the defense personal talk about it is michelle flournoy looks like she is the front runner for defense that somebody later would probably put that in our comments maybe we will see that name again it looks like she is the front runner for defense secretary. Ok that's my specialty. Please ice a bicycle, interesting time to live in georgia new jersey, the world the whole world is looking at you going come on new jersey help us out. What are georgia is now you know if you thinking about how can i have more meaningful life maybe move to anywhere in georgia and suddenly youre very value voter. Every vote really dumb count in georgia, i'm saying but not always true the period we live in this world so georgia episode we got this said no not. You can see that if you been listening to this podcast is the kennedy in the special election warnock river warnock going up against kelly laughter. This is very interesting now we do know when we watched ass off v s purdue los of being bird democrat producing the republican. Who sings just like that trump that election night, purdue hadn't well under control that i saw it but it turns out no of easily in the end of the numbers but i find warnock a much stronger candidate obviously with strong support in georgia he is from being a reference from the tradition in atlanta respected leader in terms of civil rights in terms of representing poor people he's from humble beginnings in savannah housing project and very appealing in my penny's candidate and then you have awesome i mean. He was a documentary maker and i've only seen a few comments by him where he for example make a statement i know it's today is not in favor of healthcare for all that medicare for all so far is understand he's not obviously not a progressive democrat that are there any of those in the senate anyway but he certainly has the support of a good amount of people in georgia warnock and also actually can painting together i find that also interesting so other clean up one can help the other or one is carrying the other not always sure david talking it as you know the the inspiring reverend african american vi jewish documentary maker who's thirty somethings was young and is interesting card to promote in georgia who that has. Delivered a lot of republicans let's not forget the democrats and serenely carter lebron but still it's been a while now so this could be it a double victory. But honestly i worry the awesomes not strong enough here or the some help per due who i know less about accept very famous name i wonder if you, can't get both in this race but also wonder what the effect is of the presidential election now that the results are, no when impacto have it all getting to vote, again how old people vote if they had a chance to vote again this is in a way rare chance you may have i mean a lot of people turned out we know that but what now what if for example suddenly i see trump differently i know that's not. What happened to love the way you handled losing and you say it's party is kind of missing you made, does my help democrats i think or what if you see this some kind of raleigh cry later republicans have forget everything forget trump we need to control the senate their out to take over your life there radicals they been saying that warnock is radical his anti military because he he he knows spoken of reference right who was, obama's pastor briefly in his life and this was a big thing and what two thousand eight because river rat spoke against the military which i think he deserves compliments four. Not allowed to speak badly of the military so now because this man is friends without man really knows who is in their saying this guys anti military and that some how works and then reverend right what she wants give a speech against he said jewish people but it later he corrected himself instead zionists i think was regarding the state of palestinians the planets houstonians again. If you follow the threads some how warm orchestra posed to be in love station of revenge right somehow and their for this minutes dangerous these are the points that are actually making the race difficult for for warnock is amazing what flies is important stuff for voters these days so i don't know how well that work in georgia it's either rallying point for democrats rallying point for republicans but i wonder if that doesn't mean we gonna split here fifty fifty. Fifty fifty one and one one candidate from one sided love can't from the other. I haven't seen the polling lately but just based on the election we know it's as close as it gets. Alright stacey abrams she's also i think i meant her anyway possible position in by this cabinet but nothing is from the right turn favors favorite democrats end that could be what happens here i mean look tim their some important news that the republicans have send their secret weapon two georgia, you're gonna be really excited mike pence has been campaigning the people are going nuts. So exciting and this may really push purdue love over the top i mean mike is hot stuff. Interestingly interestingly trump has not gone, there's some media talk that maybe she's not going cause other his really discouraged because i said he said manchild or he actually knows that he made make it worse whatever it is he's. It's all about him and this. Yeah yeah. What is a very interesting and i have never read much research into this but we know that there is a a concept about wanting to support a winter that rings true i know it's with humans or just americans but it's interesting now if trump starts to be seen in the eyes of modern farmer fans or current fans as not a winner what happens yeah that maybe exactly what your saying like, people don't want him there anyway and he himself isn't interested so this is like already an example of post trump, republican party action anyway we still got mike pence and so all is not lost republicans. Yes perfect hair forever with flies. I mean mike pence is gonna be planning his future now for sure and i think it'll if we could see donald trump's desk with his blank pages these days probably get some crayons out in his drawing his logo for trump tv scribbling some slogans thinking about what is gonna do next because he lives. Yeah. Yes the crazy think they're trying to pay for recounts that are still being carried out add their fundraising you can see it all over social media if several friends who signed up for these newsletters from the trump campaign and it's all about you know we need your money start the coming after as we need your money and it's supposed to be for fun thing the the recap switch the party has to pay for scuse me the candidate has to pay for. Is there still playing these things. Assistance. So i mean there there sing some cases in for us followers of the supremes where fan of their music add like to see what how their rolling on certain topics i don't know what was coming at all but there was a case and it was from the state of new york is actually against the governor of quavo and it was about religious institutions was a catholic church and jewish synagogue, i guess that were done but anyways senegal and they were challenging corona rules that said you couldn't have more than something like ten people, gathering right any of vacations hurt maybe even in germany nobody's nothing in the netherlands as well where there's corona rules but then there's can you can't you tell us a place of worship. What day how many people can get together so in the state of new york the governor rule that even a places of worship. Have to obey these corona regulations and. They took into the supreme court the supreme court ruled five four that basically the religious institution cannot be forest to follow these corona rolls of how many people and end the dissenting opinion you had the liberal judges sorry mayor kagan and you had the newest radical in the in the world of the left wing justice roberts it his court and he's increasingly sort of siding with the more so cold liberal judges m but you had a comedy commute married if you had a little of course saying you can't tell, religious institutions what to do your over here over stretching there you are your infringing on their religious freedom i forget which mended is probably one the first three whatever i try not to know actually don't wanna know but so they for all that church doesn't have to obey and so that applies now for the think the entire country where i guess barring some challenges the succeed churches and a dog masks expos can have as many people as they want regardless of the corona situation that's how i read it i'm not completely sure how far this goes on them taking a few steps ahead how many people this shows what maybe the new normal for the supreme court all those we know that's not always true but. Start leon religious freedom slash when the plaintiff is religious institution we know the conservative judges have the sort of amy coney barrett has the religious background aliados an outspoken conservative so here's a taste of what may be the future for this court is interesting always try to see ya how are things gonna be what's gonna happen. Now this is your interpretation judge print love but yes. Yes or or if i tried to get traditional the freedom to worship as you wish is more important than public safety or health regulations. Which i wonder does that leave it open for cults to do all kinds of things if there i'd like you know church of scientology is officially i think recognize doesn't religion in the us so they can just get together have parties but it's all for the church of scientology so you know no problem i guess how far does this go i do not know. Set your first supremes performance in the august or one of the first since connie barrett join the court. Yes. Yeah i mean a weekend do that tim in the coming weeks even we could shift towards europe we can ship towards asia there has been other of course issues there any other elections even i might have stop for you in the near future but i need i noticed we're always been watching calvin for example in weather in germany in the netherlands or wherever i noticed that there was a few articles about italy, can we know italy in early days of covered was already the biggest hotspot in europe, add certainly struggled in los a lot of people and still continues like there's a a fight now to weather not ski slopes will stay closed germany merkle is also spoken about this that they will i believe you question about will we close them for how long is there money of course of support these industries in the meantime well. What are the struggles in italy now is conspiracy theories and i'm sure vol her your share of conspiracy theories these days about covered and what. Is increasingly happening between social media and real life is that people are trying to show that there is no called. How are the original crisis at the hospitals that there are people in the emergency room so there doing things like filming what look like waiting rooms in certain buildings and saying i'm at home so hospital is nobody here are there standing outside certain building sang this is hospital look this no ambulances that's one thing. The next step is there actually acoustic medical professionals at work or outside of work saying, you're you're basically a frog sometimes use the term terrorists i mean echos far, in different ways coming out medical professions accusing them of invention covered accusing them of harming the country and this is a huge issue especially for people who made not repeat prepared i mean your tired your medical worker at the hospital it's been a long enough someone weather grocery shopping you just walking home from work is calling you anything from a terrorist to afro b this is the stuff i think we're gonna be facing these kind of action activities actions for quite awhile both in europe or whatever but it's just really sad to see, this is a really that we have to find some way to deal with add fred some italian doctors and researchers saying look we have to engage with a public to explain what is really going on with corona, show more there's not so much guessing and and confusion but at some point i i don't know if the fault. One more of the fault lines with the medical profession for not explaining enough is it as we know that we live in this, social media media world where conspiracies conspiracy really attractive you feel like some kind of a hero in a time where you often don't feel like much. Your life look uncovered this thing i've got a phone ever look at myself train or try to help journalists and other people activists to expose injustice so here's a bunch of people that think there exposing injustice on in this is really hard to come back when is very dangerous when people feel so numb powered quinones is very powerful because who doesn't hate pedophiles anally that you don't just hate them you wanna like smash them so if you believe that the entire government is pedophiles within you physically wanna smash them know this is heavy hard fight stuff i don't know that we don't have solutions for it, currently really gonna be effective but i'm watching these articles thinking about it and happy effect. Solution or answer to believe some of his pressure and reduce some of us i'm gonna call insanity but realize it's not just that. What. Do you think that it's a matter. I have to be more specific but just generally speaking right now you think its necessary two in gage with these belief some people order more is like you said it's always existed you don't you just just exist. No no that doesn't make me think you know you are you a fan and certainly knowledgeable about space and do you spend your time the other things learn more talking to people who know and imagine there a certain, turn off slash fears of space or theories that you would have seen people tried to address experts try to address people experience and there at some point those that you sort of, have to just move on but yeah it's it's i just space as one of those areas where people are there. Sometimes can be very, crazy thinking originals fury everything or believe nothing and then there are those who experience i can say no this is how this works i've been there i'm done this site work on this issue play some kind of engagement but yes indeed the pens on with who on what issue. No more podcasts than. Yes. Yes yeah well i mean liquor when we look ahead or even the present day for what's happening in the u and maybe the future of what the iu would like to do members dates would like to do i did notice this week the internet been many issues over the years but poland hungry often find themselves together against, certain policies against her ideas some of it even agree to when they join the european union but that's. Neither here nor there something some long term impact action plan. When is where you said target and it comes with a campaign i've been part of some of these campaigns on media and justice over the years were the gold that you all agree to is a more just society run this case to use gender action plan what's morgen quality to promote the idea of gender equality there different avenues of some of which will be supported in someway by the iu and there's a plan typically i think you would, all the members dates would have to approve this plan for it's go forward and poland hungry article a stand against the language of what is gender equality doesn't involve too much of when they see us dangerous feminism know that poland especially on abortion is is in its own world these days certainly moving away from the larger your opinions stans on this position and i find this significant because for sol i've seen. My polish friends louder than love in germany actually who are very engaged with what's happening back home trying to fight for women's rights for against the sort of taking political control every government agency by the current government element politically in putting people in positions to continue their agenda find it really that poland hungry increasingly at odds with the recipe european union that doesn't mean that the opinion agrees on everything always obviously interesting how even in a maybe in a post brexit europe if you were looking for, who is gonna digging their heels inside no no no i don't agree it all or i hate what you guys stand for it seems like it's gonna be hungry over and over again and their cases against both countries at this point in the european unicorns justice i believe and this is gonna be a thing i mean i'm sure it'll come back here on news of the world my eyes certainly go there so this week it was the gender action plan where destinations a list their governments obviously not other people but they just have a completely opposing view on what should be a priority what they don't want is. List the european union's take on gender equality they see the some kind of attack on titan family structure on their culture and then there you are you know this this conflict will be on going and keeps coming up and absolutely got my eye on it and i know many people are. Open arms and concerned about where this goes next. Does that juicy that has meeting these two countries won't be a part of it or or or even worse. Yes. Yeah it's it certainly what makes the european union also the most acceptable to attacks right this idea that. You're they could say you're challenging identity culture and so forth and of course you should be able to have disagreements and their are and discussions but i would what i'm saying here is really fundamentals. Disagreements that that make it hard to know, how danza kuduro operate going forward if you can i don't know agree on some kind of baseline realize that eben within base line to be able to debate so it's not even. Dislike or accused polish hungarian conservatives of being evil but it's it is the spirit has become very strong. Everything that i wanna say conspiracy to kill your culture to destroy things that were proud of you mean. I see connection hear you now you mentioned like trump is a maybe over certainly trump's trump is in the us but i don't know these kind of themes america first pollen first hungry first there. You're not going away and of course they can be used in any country i was just leaving another one of those days far right parties thing about identity of dutch person of being dutchman it's been challenge by the all united european union and other kinds of identities capitalism that you can criticize now as long as you. Dear people are motivate people towards saying when their. This is bad so i also see an extension hero poland hungry are not alone. I'll be watching over this situation as we go forward you're looking at certainly something that is affected you personally the we all carry something. The last embody the last their body. Shock. Play the next year. Yes which is not been that way that people who describe still now dealing with england major shift that i think people don't even know what that feels like strange times ahead. Join trump's channel. Alright so something to look forward two or not as the year ends but we still got a little bit left so let us see if some last or what the last ditch effort put forward produces i think i bring this to the end of our post election pre, heartbreak exit i though that time of year it's a, is thanksgiving so i guess for giving thanks for the the few things that we have on our list and the academy is left appreciating of that. Who sings that.