NEWZ Sources

Since episode NEWZ040 we have named an interesting source of NEWZ for you dear listeners to get acquainted with or even make use of. This page lists all the sources we have named so far as a quick reference and entry point for anybody who did not or does not want to go through all episodes.

Please note the episode link directly goes directly to the section of the episode where we discuss the listed source, so the player should start and end playback automagically!

Source Discussion
The Daily Beast
NEWZ075 Mountain of Fail
MIT Technology Review
NEWZ074 Aliens or Chuck Norris
NEWZ073 Don’t Suspect A Friend, Report Him
The 545
NEWZ072 Curling The Newz
The Ecologist
NEWZ071 Please Your Farmer
7 Days Dubai
NEWZ070 You Can’t Win Against the Putino
After Hiyan Working Title
NEWZ069 So Long And Thanks For All the Fish
EU Observer
NEWZ068 Salutations Cigarette Circle
The Atlantic
NEWZ067 I Am Wearing My Yellow Underwear
NEWZ066 Eyepatch and a Soccer Jersey
Climate Central
NEWZ065 The First Fix Is Always Free
Fast Company
NEWZ064 Whose Temple Is It?
Washington Post Worldviews Blog
NEWZ063 It’s Dark But It’s Not Over
The Bangkok Post
NEWZ062 Presidents Are Overrated
In These Times
NEWZ061 Dope on the Table
The Moscow Times
NEWZ060 Political Pub Quiz
NEWZ059 Fucking for Virginity
NEWZ058 Fire the Consultants
The Brookings Institute
NEWZ057 It’s ugly and it is annoying
NEWZ055 Elevator Music in the Lobby
Columbia Journalism Review
NEWZ054 Russian Roulette in the Skies
Bruegel blog
NEWZ053 You Can’t Grow Gold
Latin America Monitor (by Christian Science Monitor)
NEWZ052 Violation of Common Sense
NEWZ051 Second in the Terrorist Olympics
nature magazine
NEWZ050 The Berlusconi Effect
NEWZ049 These Are Not The Tuaregs You Are Looking For
NEWZ048 Not A Tourist Accident
The Arms Control Wonk
NEWZ047 Try To Take Over The World!
PRI’s The World
NEWZ046 Frankie The First From The End of the World
NEWZ045 Europe’s Facepalm
Informed Comment (Juan Cole)
NEWZ044 Non-Aligned Podcast Movement
Breaking News
NEWZ043 A New Pope
Der Spiegel Online International
NEWZ042 The Former News Magazine
NEWZ041 Paving the Way With Bombs
NEWZ040 Bad Hair League

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