NEWZ041 Paving the Way With Bombs


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  1. Hey there,
    im kinda missing the old links which i could right click and “save as…”
    thanks in advance, i’m gonna go and listen to the new episode.

  2. Regarding Gender in the Israel Defence Forces: Men have to serve for 3 years in active duty, while women have to serve for 2 years. Afterwards both can be called up for reserve duty once a year until they are in their late thirties (although legally it is allowed for males to be called to duty until the age of 54), but this doesn’t really happen every year and women are exempt, if the have children. After the early days of Israel, women were not in combat units until recently (e.g. in 2001 there was the first female jet fighter pilot).

    • Of course there is the controversial exemption for yeshiva students basically allowing Haredi (“ultra-orthodox”) jews to avoid military service. Women can get an exemption on religious grounds or if they are married. There is no compulsory service for Arab Israelis. And for some other minority communities like the Druze or Bedouins rules are also different.

    • Hi Scott! Hello to you over there in Saaaaudi. Please to see your name here and even more pleased to know youre listening. One of these days we’ll have you on to talk life in that part of the world!

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