NEWZ042 The Former News Magazine

Drilling in Colorado; Belo Monte Dam in Brazil; Graphene and Human Brain Get EU Funds; Reporters Without Borders 2012 Report; Yeast Radio Algeria Special; Der Spiegel International

This week our NEWZ attention is focused on the environment in places like Colorado where there is a hot debate over drilling on public land. While in the Brazilian state of Pará the world's 3rd largest dam is having a huge impact on everything. In the realm of science the EU Commission has awarded some big funds to major research projects. Reporters Without Borders has released a very grim 2012 report. And speaking of difficult conversations, Madge Weinstein released a special podcast on the Algerian Hostage Crisis which we talk about. The week's Newz Source is Der Spiegel International, listen to find out why!

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove


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