NEWZ041 Paving the Way With Bombs

France and Mali take back Timbuktu; New Cuban Internet Connection; US allows women to serve on the front lines; 2 Year Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution; EZine Jadaliyya

This week we focus on some heated conflicts in Nothern Africa. After France has moved in to support the Maliean troops they are making quick progress retaking most of the towns and villages in Nothern Mali. But things might not be as easy from now on with the islamic fighters hiding in the desert. In Egypt we look at the return of violent public protest in the streets just in time for the second anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution. In other newz, we find that Cuba has a new Internet cable now but not yet pass along the packets to its citizens. The US is making headlines because they are about to allow women to join the front lines of their war zones. As a bonus for the dear listener of this fine show, we present the second NEWZ source: the electronic magazine Jadaliyya.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove


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