NEWZ040 Bad Hair League

Algerian Hostage Crisis; Torture in Afghan Prisons; New Study on US Health System; Israel Elections; GlobalPost

We start off this week by looking at the cruel hostage situation in Algeria that is a result of France joining the Mali conflict. From there we take a look at the prison situation in Afghanistan now that many foreign forces are gone and find that torture is widespread. A new study of US academic institutes presents research done on the overall health situation in the US and the state of the US health system in general (does not look good) and we take a peek on the upcoming elections in Israel where Benjamin Natanjahu is expected to continue his reign over the jewish country. Apart from just digging through the daily news flow we are also starting a new section on Newz of the World. From now on we will point out interesting newz sources for you to use and evaluate yourself and to explain where all our material is coming from and how it's being used, searched and extracted. Because we want you to become good citizen reporters too.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove