NEWZ001 Mic Check

Arab Spring, Occupy & Financial Crisis, DIY Homesteading, Fukushima & Designing the Future

The beginning of every new year brings reflection about the recent past and the typical desire to push forward with something new and exciting. It should therefore be no surprise that it is on this occasion, at this pivotal juncture in the history of the world, that we personal media creators and observers of all things life- should join forces and produce a new program focusing on events unfolding throughout the globe. Newz of the World, a curious and critical look at the information we have about the world around us. In this inaugural episode your hosts, Tim Pritlove and Mark Fonseca Rendeiro, introduce the previously mentioned concept and aim of this program. We then look back at 2011 and the news stories that captured a great deal of attention and in many ways can be tied together using common threads such as: global protest, arab spring, occupy, the financial crisis, the fukushima nuclear disaster, the growing DIY movement, and innovative efforts to design a better future. A mix of news review, personal reflection, and teaching ourselves along the way - we're kicking off this new endeavor under the title that took on new meaning in 2011 - MIC CHECK!!

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove