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Yemen to vote for new president; Pakistan declares domestic violence a crime; Synthetic meat is grown in lab; Women CEOs increasingly in charge of major online porn companies; Notes from America

This week on Newz of the World we start off with election news and make our way to porn. First on the list is Yemen, as presidential elections have been announced but unfortunately there is only one candidate. In Pakistan meanwhile, a new law declares domestic violence a crime punishable by jail time or a fine. Previously if a husband beat a wife there was no legal basis for the police to take action. Animal lovers may rejoice at the news that the first successful lab grown meat was announced this week. Paving the way for the inevitable animal-free burger Tim is not looking forward to eating. Always ahead of the curve in the world of technology, a recent report looks at how a growing number of woman are now in charge of some of the major internet porn companies. Finally this week we bring you another edition of Notes from America, where bridges, roads, tunnels and power systems seem to be crumbling and few people seem to notice. Will 2012 be the year of another bridge collapse? We hope not, which is why we talk about it all in this edition of Newz of the World!

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove