NEWZ046 Frankie The First From The End of the World

Pope Francis I elected; Chavez Dies; Kenyatta Wins; Rodman Makes Friends With Un; Jinping Becomes Pres; New Media Storage; The World Podcast

People in the Vatican City went nuts last night as Pope Frank #1 was unveiled. Meanwhile we catchup on the death of Hugo Chavez and the cult of personality syndrome in Venezuela. Kenya counted up their ballots and declared a new president, while China skipped the ballots and declared Jinping the new guy in charge. Dennis Rodman went to North Korea and made many Americans angry (or frustrated as they couldn't understand a word he says). PRX launches a new media storage system for the internets. And our featured Newz Source for today is an audio podcast: The World.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove