NEWZ017 It’s A Spire!

re:publica 12; Sea Shepherd Captain Arrested in Germany; Libyan Victims of NATO Bombings in 2011 Want Answers; Netherlands Net Neutrality Law; Kony's #3 Arrested in the Central African Republic; One World Trade Center

So it us again after Mark's trip to Berlin to see and speak at re:publica 12 we are finally where we belong: in front of our screen reading the Newz to you. Among those this week: the arrest of Sea Shepherd mastermind Captain Paul Watson in Germany; victims of NATO attacks on Libya speaking up; the Netherlands being the first to bring net neutrality to law in Europe; the arrest of one of the leaders of Joseph Kony's LRA. To sum it up we ramble a bit more about building sizes and measurement styles around the world.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove