NEWZ037 A Tub Of Hummus

Mark shares more insights from his trip to Egypt and the Lebanon

This week we feature another update from Mark's journey through Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon, this time with a special focus on the latest developments in Cairo and observations from Beirut. Since our last program things in the Egyptian capital have continued to stay interesting as protestors have been regularly surrounding the Presidential palace demanding he resign, while pro-government supporters and police have also converged on the site resulting in street battles that caused over 400 injuries and 6 deaths. What will happen next? Meanwhile after a visit to Lebanon our focus shifts to the social and political reality in that country and the pressure being felt from neighboring Syria. We also discuss the harsh reality for Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Mark shares what he learned about living conditions and civil rights while attempting to visit a refugee camp in Tyre. Next week we will return to our traditional NEWZ format with multiple topics and discussion.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove