NEWZ010 Ding Dong The Pope Is Dead

Georgia; North Korea Invites Inspectors; Mining company tax in Australia; Mike Daisey's Apple Story Discredited; Coptic Pope died; Megaupload / Kim Schmitz Update; Kony 2012 Update

To kick off another hair-raising week of news we start off with Mark reporting this week from Tbilisi, Georgia about what the latest newz is from the old republic. In the latest dispatches from North Korea, nuclear inspectors are invited to visit, but the young leader also plans to launch a satellite to celebrate his father. The Australian government, meanwhile, makes a bold move introducing a big new tax on all mining companies. Mike Daisy might have a sweet boy's name, but this week we learned his apple story was not big in terms of truthiness. Pope Shenouda III of the Coptic Christian Church died this week. An interesting man, with an impressive life, and fantastic headgear. In keeping with our commitment to newz updates, we also bring you an update on MegaKim, as well as uncle Kony and the 2012 campaign.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove