NEWZ005 Halftime in America

Syrian Massacre, Russian Protests, American Car Industry PR Campaign, Life and Death Statistics

As Clint Eastwood and President Obama announced this week, it's halftime in America. Fortunately, Tim and Mark are here to report on the second half, this week bringing you a transatlantic newz podcast. We start the rundown with Syria, where this week over 200 people were killed by government forces, part of the ongoing repression of those demanding the president resign. And while people are killed in the streets of Homs, we look at what role Russia plays when it comes to the international response. While back in Moscow the big story continues to be tens of thousands of protestors out in force against Putin and election fraud, demanding change. Then comes the story of the American Auto Industry which is the subject of a surprising amount of ads, political speeches and one very ominous Clint Eastwood Chrysler Commercial. Someone got punched in the face, and we're getting to the bottom of it here on Newz of the World!

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove