NEWZ049 These Are Not The Tuaregs You Are Looking For

Syria War Crimes; Turkish Power Ship in Lebanon; Mali To Hold Elections This Year; Generic Drugs Win in India; US Supreme Court on Human Gene Patens; Zuckerberg Starts A Political Action Group; NEWZ Sources:

This week Mark and Tim are looking at various newz around the world: Human Rights Watch has published a report accusing the Syrian government of war crimes. Close by in Lebanon a "power ship" is extending daily power supply of the country by two hours a day. The Malian government announces elections to be held this year. Novartis loses a drug patent case in India. The US supreme court ist about to decide if the Human Genome can be patented at all. Facebook guy Mark Zuckerberg starts a political action group in the US. We close by providing another NEWZ source: and giving an update on upcoming travels and talks by Mark and Tim.

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7 thoughts on “NEWZ049 These Are Not The Tuaregs You Are Looking For

  1. I find the discussion of news sources interesting. It’s seldom though that I actually look at them, except in the case of the GlobalPost whose RSS feed landed in my personal news aggregation tool.

  2. Re: Novartis/Gleevec case
    MSF compiled a timeline to the case:
    Tim, you were saying there was a place for pharma patents; its just that in this case there are so many levels of abuse of trade and patent laws that I’d have liked you to have read a little bit about the case beforehand.
    Love the show anyway, and that it touches subjects close to my heart.
    Regards, Benedikt

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