NEWZ058 Fire the Consultants

Intervention in Syria — CAR in Trouble — Education Liberia — Putin Painting — — Bangladesh Beggars

This week it is a question of if and what kind of intervention will take place in Syria. The French president warns of big trouble in the Central African Republic. Every student in Liberia fails the University entrance exam. Putin in ladies underwear painting is confiscated by police. Zuckerberg unveils And Shafiur Rahman's breathtaking Beggars of Bangladesh photos. NEWZ Source for this week is an internet classic,

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tim Pritlove
Berlin, Germany


4 thoughts on “NEWZ058 Fire the Consultants

  1. It doesn’t seem credible that the Syrian regime should have used chemical weapons, tbh.
    The obvious consequence of using chemical weapons is a military intervention from US / others, something Assad would want to avoid.

    • There is another possibility, maybe Assad no longer fully controls the military and some rogue elements launched the attack. But I agree from Assad’s position in the civil war using chemical weapons doesn’t seem necessary and certainly wasn’t helpful. It’s an unlikely course of action.

  2. unlikely as it might have seemed, the story the world is circulating, with some evidence (though even evidence these days can be argued forever) – is that it happened. The previous correlation (sorry that sounds fancy) is that -if- chem weapons are used -then- US will intervene. What we are now seeing is that actually that is not a guarantee at all. You could still make the point, it increases the chance that the international community will intervene to topple his gov so that would have not been in his interest. Which is a dam good point. But still, what if he acts (or indeed his military acts) against his own interests. It has happened before in different parts of the world. hmmmmm such an intricate puzzle, where so many lives are lost as things unfold. sad.

  3. Despite being a giant Fukushima psy op for MSM the syria situation is highly critical as an US/SA/QTR vs RU(ch?) proxy conflict with pipeline involvement. RU stance is rebells used c-weapons before so i dont see how it will come to a “save face” solution today @G20.

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