NEWZ064 Whose Temple Is It?

Israel Bombs Syria – Bulgaria Refugees – Cambodia Thailand Peace – Dread Pirate Roberts – Brazil Abortion – Fast Company

This week we start with the breaking news that Israel has bombed military bases in Syria. While in Bulgaria authorities are unable to cope with the influx of Syrian refugees. Cambodia and Thailand promise peace regardless of who the international court declares as the owner of the Preah Vihear temple. Over in Brazil a new law may soon get passed that would further restrict abortion in some unprecedented ways. Our NEWZ Source for this week is a great source for science, environment and technology news, Fast Company.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tim Pritlove
Berlin, Germany


8 thoughts on “NEWZ064 Whose Temple Is It?

  1. @payment by rapists: Maybe one should decouple this. The state should provide child support for rape victims. And the state should be able to demand the money back from the rapist. But the state should continue providing the child support no matter if the rapist pays or indeed is still alive.

    But maybe even that is psychologically not good for the victim? I don’t know. Psychologists and/or the victims them self should answer that.

    • PS: Of course it is horrible wrong to force rape victims to actually have the child. What I said only applies if the victim want’s to keep the child.

  2. On the amount of Bitcoin seized by the FBI:
    (As always, Wikipedia has the answer, and in this case even a source)

    “In fact, the 174,000 or so bitcoins that the FBI controls now account for about 1.5% of all bitcoins in circulation.”

    Wikipedia also tells us that in August there existed about 11.5 million Bitcoin. The maximum number of Bitcoin that will ever exist is 21 million.

    • Wow. Where did I get the 1/3 measurement. hmm Ill blame the Al Jazeera guy. I was following his lead. Thanks for the correction!

  3. Looking at the list of news sources again (which by the way still need to be updated) I wonder, shouldn’t it be newz sourcez?

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