NEWZ082 Beyond The Ring

Reporting from Moscow — Action in Ukraine — Kurdish Army Advances — Israel Gaza Violence — MSF Report — Juncker Becomes Commissioner

This week Mark reports from beyond the ring of Moscow. We look at that state of the city, infrastructure, and more. In Eastern Ukraine clashes and an air strike have left governments pointing fingers at each other. Over in Iraq the Kurdish Army has taken several key oil fields. More death and destruction surrounding the Israel-Gaza conflict. Doctors Without Borders, meanwhile, have released a rare critical report about global relief organizations. Lastly today, the EU Commission says goodbye to Barroso and hello to President Juncker.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Moscow, Russia
Tim Pritlove
Berlin, Germany




One thought on “NEWZ082 Beyond The Ring

  1. More than just Kurdistan finally happening, I hope the three regions of Iraq will separate for good. It may be unfortunate, if it takes the Islamic State to accomplish this, but I don’t think they will necessarily dominate the Sunni portion of Iraq in the long run. Maybe something good will finally come of this awful U.S. war of aggression.

    On your discussion of Israel/Gaza Mark was more on track I would say. Actually the rocket attacks are done by a “few weirdos”. And I’m not talking about the current barrage which Hamas is clearly involved in. But after 2012 they had started to seriously police rocket launches. 2013 had the lowest number of attacks in years, but there were still a dozen launches or so per month. Rather than regarding this as a breach of the ceasefire Israel credited Hamas for successfully enforcing it. So there are indeed different groups capable of rocket attacks in Gaza and Hamas was basically reigning them in. As far as I understand it, the escalation started, when Hamas stopped their enforcement, because they were preparing for Israeli retaliation. The other part that seemed to be missing from your discussion, is that the escalation is not just about the four teenagers from both sides. There are allegations against the IDF that as they were searching the West Bank for the three Israelis in June, they used the opportunity for a kind of punitive action. Arresting people and confiscating property unrelated to the search or even criminal activity. That’s also part of what Hamas is reacting to, for example they demanded the release of former prisoners who had been re-arrested last month.

    To the last topic: I have lost all patience with Britain and hope they finally go through with their threat to leave the union.

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