NEWZ084 Passing Gas

Air Strikes Iraq — Gaza-Israel No Truce — Ukraine Government Advances — International Ebola Emergency — Refugee Crisis — Khmer Rouge Leaders Guilty — GE Acquires Alstom — Bloomberg

As the summer sun warms Europe, US air strikes hit northern Iraq. Israel and Gaza continue to be unable to reach a cease fire. In eastern Ukraine all reports indicate that government forces have separatists surrounded. Nigeria has declared a state of emergency as the Ebola outbreak becomes a global crisis. Meanwhile in southeast Asia 2 former Khmer rouge leaders are found guilty of crimes against humanity. On the business side of things, General Electric has successfully acquired the energy component of Alstom. This week's NEWZ Source is for the financial side of international news.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tim Pritlove
Ulm, Germany



7 thoughts on “NEWZ084 Passing Gas

  1. hey, i am a fan of your show and wondering if it is over or you both just making a bigger break?

    would love to hear underreported news as long and often as they are underreported!

    • Well last comment answered it. What’s the new project you were talking about, Mark? Maybe a project including audio?

      • Yes hi Nykon.. yes a project involving audio absolutely. Details are almost ready but not quite ready. meantime Im working hard on source code berlin and we do expect to get to do Newz again ASAP.

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