NEWZ091 Boring is back

Trump gets COVID-19 — Mark sent his vote — A look at the polls — The Senate Race — Supreme Court Hearings — Kamala Harris — Workers Party of Korea turns 75 — Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict Nagorno-Karabakh

We are getting closer to the the US Presidential and Congress elections and so we are going to look at what Trumps COVID-19 infection might do to the race, what the state of the Senate race is and how the Supreme Court hearings might influence things. We also spend some time on looking at Kamala Harris' role as a vice presidential candidate and if she might be the successor to Joe Biden if he wins and now and refuses to do a second term. We also look at the North Korean Workers Party and the new and old conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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1 thought on “NEWZ091 Boring is back

  1. Ich hab kurz beim Kamala Ding reingehört, finde es irgendwie lustig wie die sogenannten Linken “von ich hasse sie” zu “es ist kompliziert” innerhalb von ein paar Monaten zurechtgeprügelt wurden.

    Ich persönlich finde sie ja super, ich bin immer für den moderatesten Demokraten/in im Amt.

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