NEWZ028 Drill Baby Drill

Massacre in the Amazon; Portuguese Gov Announces Extreme Austerity; Obama Approves Arctic Drilling; Youth Unemployment in Morrocco Worrying International Organizations; Philip Roth vs Wikipedia

This week Tim is on the road with Indiana Jones so we start off with trouble in the amazon where conflicting reports say illegal miners have committed some terrible crimes. Over in Portugal another round of big austerity measures are announced including a proposal to shut down public broadcasting. The White House meanwhile has opened the door to drilling in the Arctic as the Democrat Party convention comes to a close. The World Bank has released a report on Morocco citing extreme unemployment among youth as the prelude to another arab spring revolt. Finally a disagreement between Wikipedia and Phillip Roth brings back the looming issue of an ongoing decline in editors and administrators for the book of knowledge. Mark has big news coming up, tease tease.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove