NEWZ045 Europe’s Facepalm

Kenya gears up for elections; US Supreme court debates DNA sampling; Italian election gets confusing; Thai military signs peace deal with rebels; India announces new initiatives for women's safety;

It is election week on Newz of the World as this week we dive into the anticipated Kenyan general elections that are coming up and the disappointing Italian elections that just occurred. We also join the US Supreme Court in debating what good DNA sampling can do or not do. Elsewhere the word from southern Thailand is peace, but what does it mean for people of those three provinces long terrorized by an under-reported war. And finally India has announced a new fund focusing on safety for women. Rounding it all off is another edition of Newz Sources where this week we take a look at In conclusion we discuss some possible features of the upcoming Re:publica13 conference in Berlin where we will both be speaking.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove