NEWZ009 Pirates!!!

Kony 2012; Anniversary of Fukushima; Dutch far right might get legal action from the EU; Der Spiegel correspondant and guest kidnapped in Somalia

Kony Kony Kony, its the name that is all over the social media world, including Newz of the World! But what happens when the online campaign world goes head to head with the world of warlords? One year after the Fukushima disaster, 52 out of 54 Japanese nuclear power plants have been deactivated. How does a country with an immense need for power go from 1/3 nuclear to almost no nuclear in one year? Far-right Dutch political icon and MP Geert Wilders is encouraging people to report their East European neighbors via a website. How does Europe react to having groups of its citizens being targeted as potential criminals? In what continues to be a worrying situation, journalist and author Michael S. Moore has been in captivity in Somalia for over a month now. What are the options when a friend or a colleague gets kidnapped by pirates or criminals of the most notorious kind?

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove