NEWZ016 Royal Family of Fascism

Occupy movement makes May 1st their reawakening day; Second round of French election coming up; US signs post 2014 deal for cooperation in Afghanistan; The World Of Tomorrow with Julian Assange

It's our 1st of May Newz of the World so Tim and Mark are setting fire to the latest headlines and throwing around world events. We start with the re-awakening of the occupy movement that is being called for in 125 cities around the world. Over in France we are days away from the second round of presidential elections, which reminds us of LePen stories from previous French elections. Afghanistan and the US have signed an agreement for activities after 2014. As the first few episodes of Julian Assange's new show are out, we talk about the good, bad and the weird of this non-aligned style program. Lastly a listener suggestion regarding EU maritime regulation.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove