NEWZ021 Chase a Banker

Swiss-Portuguese Money Laundering; US-Pakistan Supply Deal Fails; Dilma's Amazon Speech and the State of the Forests; 2012, Year of the Co-Ops; Storify as a Tool for Future Journalism; OECD's Better Life Index

As more banks get bailed out and football madness rages across Europe, Tim and Mark are back to pick through the news of the week. We start with the massively under reported financial scandal involving Swiss financial firms in Portugal. Over in Pakistan negotiators have left the table as they can't seem to make an agreement on re-opening NATO supply routes to Afghanistan. Dilma is proud of the rainforest while Tim tries to find a country equal to the size of the amount of forest that has been lost. Are cooperatives the answer to the financial turmoil of our time? What about storify- is this tool useful for journalism in the future? Lots of questions to be answered, and of course we end it all by playing with a chart with odd colors and graphics.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove