NEWZ004 Frickin Dem0krazy

FBI Social Network Scraping App; Renewed Campaign Against ACTA in the EU; Twitter Censorship; Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index; One year anniversary of Tahrir Square; Apple's Textbook Initiative

One year after the massive demonstrations that toppled a dictator and changed a nation, Tim and Mark are back to examine the media and read the fine print. Europe's own SOPA, known as ACTA, is the new target of frustrated netizens. Meanwhile the FBI is looking for someone to build them a social media monitoring application. And while the authorities try to track our interactions, Reporters Without Borders has been tracking the world's press, as they announced the good news and the bad news via their Press Freedom Index for the past year. From revolutions to censored tweets - whatever happens, the events of the past week will surely be written about in the history books; digital history textbooks that is. A beautiful future for the students of tomorrow? Newz of the World investigates.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove

Episode image: Gigi Ibrahim

Show Notes:

1. FBI Social Network Scraping App

FBI is looking for developers.

2. Twitter Censorship

Twitter announces that individual countries might block tweets.

3. Renewed Campaign Against ACTA in the EU

SOPA protests fuel ACTA resistance

4. Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index

Reporters Without Borders has released their “Press Freedom Index 2011/12”

5. One year anniversary of Tahrir Square

One year ago, the protests in Egypt started that eventually toppled the dictator.

6. Apple’s Textbook Initiative

7. Website Updates

We have added a new audio player to the website allowing our audience to directly jump to individual chapters of the program.