NEWZ027 Talking to a Chair

Clint Eastwood is talking to a chair; Ethiopian Leader Meles Zenawi Dies; Inmates Become Guards in Libya; US Study Shows New Jobs are Mostly Low Paying; Fracking Alternative: Liquid Pulsing; Space-age food served up with seeds of success

While the rest of the world is busy finding solutions for the big problems, an actor in America is talking to a chair and creating a new meme, therefore making it impossible to ignore for the Newz of the World team. In other newz, we discuss the death of Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi and the interesting project in Libya where former prison inmates become the guards of their old torturers. We look at a study that analyzes the shift in employment in the US and we review a less invasive method for retrieving oil that could replace the problematic fracking. Finally we discuss vegetables from space, freshly mutated by cosmic rays by beloved China. Bon appetite.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove


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