NEWZ038 Porn Stars and Comedians

Rebels in Congo, Chavez' health problems, Italian president steps down, US Drone Pilots, 29C3 in Hamburg

After a long hiatus over the holidays we return to the stage with the first real NEWZ show after we covered Marks trip to Tunesia, Egypt and Lebanon in detail in the last two shows. This time we look at the rebel situation in Congo that still dominates the news from this central African state. Then we turn our eyes on Hugo Chavez who is supposed to begin his next term as president but is unable to do so because he is treated for cancer in Cuba. We look at Italy's ever revolving wheel of fortune for the next president after Mario Monti has stepped down. Finally Tim reports on the most recent 29th Chaos Communicaton Congress in Hamburg that Mark was unable to attend.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove


2 thoughts on “NEWZ038 Porn Stars and Comedians

  1. Regareding M23, I learned about them in them in the german speaking Wrint Podcast #111 ( ). The interviewed correspondent can be found on twitter as @schlindweinsim wich was quite a source during the fighting around goma.

  2. Another thing to add about translation efforts at 29c3 is that there is now a volunteer effort to subtitle ALL the talks. The subtitles and works-in-progress (along with a subbing tutorial) can be found in the congress wiki:

    I’m actually currently working on subtitles for the “fair computers” talk Tim mentioned, but I guess it’ll be two weeks or so before I finish the English translation.

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