NEWZ039 Bunch of Weed Hoarders

New Indian Rape Case, French Intervention and Armed Groups in Mali, Aaron Swartz Remembered, Renewable Resources Atlas, Weed Policy in the Netherlands

This week's newz kicks off with an update and a new rape case from northern India. Then we get into Northern Mali, as France takes action, who are the armed groups in the country? Aaron Swartz and his life's work remembered. The first ever Global Atlas for Renewable Energy has been launched. And with the beginning of the new year, the Netherlands has amended their new weed policy in ways that make us go.. hmmmm. All this and more on yet another memorable edition of Newz of the World!

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove


3 thoughts on “NEWZ039 Bunch of Weed Hoarders

  1. The atmosphere of this podcast is really great. I always enjoy listening to you both. You do a great job keeping up with the recency of topics and giving a broader look on things (the “world” aspect).

  2. Very great podcast. As a born Indian I have to agree with you guys that the media only report about that horrible case, because that girl belonged to the middle class. Furthermore at the moment some politicians are talking about death penalty for this kind of crime. Some conservative even blame the girl and are recommending that Indian girls should only wear traditional clothes.
    With these examples I want to show it is still a long way for Indian girls in all classes to archive equality.
    I am sorry for my english it is not fluent. I grew up in Germany and my school english was really bad, with the help of some interesting podcasts, like yours I am trying to improve my English.

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