NEWZ050 The Berlusconi Effect

Bangladesh Factory Accident; Libyan Unrest; US-Syria Debate; Pakistan Elections; Iceland Elections; Peter Sunde Announcement; Nature Magazine

After a few weeks off Tim and Mark are reviewing some of the major stories that we missed recently starting with the factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1100 people. In Libya there have been various protests against the government and militias related to a new law regarding former Qaddafi government workers. The US continues to debate getting involved in Syria and what their involvement should be. Over in Pakistan the latest elections have brought back the once ousted Nawaz Sharif as president. Iceland's latest votes have kicked out the center left, brought on the center right, and set back hopes of a new constitution. In keeping with politics, Flattr and Piratebay cofounder (and friend of this show) Peter Sunde has announced he will run for European Parliament in 2014 as a member of the Pirate Party in Finland. Our NEWZ Source for this week is a very old and very useful scientific research magazine - NATURE.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove


3 thoughts on “NEWZ050 The Berlusconi Effect

  1. Hi!
    You guys talkend about fair clothing scale. One big one is American Apperal, isn’t it?
    A German one is Hess Natur and Waschbaer.

    All the best

    • Hey Jonathan.. so I did some reading AA does have a unique and slave-labor free structure to its company. Most everything they do is right in Los Angeles. Pretty impressive actually.

  2. You should think about an extra tab listing all the news sources you covered so far, maybe with a direct link to its presentation. Also, unless you already do that, you should start a record on discussed countries/places along with the episode date. This could be turned into a world map of hot spots of your coverage and illustration of shifts or trends over time.

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