NEWZ055 Elevator Music in the Lobby

Quebec Train, Taliban Office, Sarkozy Crowdfund, Russian Typewriters, Saudi Missiles, Glaxo Bribes, Jane's

This week in the aftermath of the Quebec train accident the energy debate gets louder in North America. In Qatar the Taliban office seems to be closed as peace negotiations with the Afghan government are also stalled. Former French President Sarkozy is on facebook asking for donations to save his UMP party. The Russian Security Service is budgeting tens of thousands of dollars for typewriters. A Saudi Arabian ballistic missile site shows capabilities for reaching Israel or Iran. And lastly this week, the Chinese government is accusing GlaxoSmithKline of bribery to keep drug prices high. This week's NEWZ Source is an old standby for military news, Jane's.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove


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  1. So, if you compare yourselves to the People’s Republic of China who is President and who is Premier on this authoritarian podcast?

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