NEWZ054 Russian Roulette in the Skies

Egyptian President - Spying EU - Gezi Park - Portuguese Government - Iraq Violence - Russian Space - CJR

Today's NEWZ of the World comes to you on the first morning of a new government in Egypt as Morsi is removed by the military. While in Europe the big news has been Snowden's flight plans and the NSA's EU spying practices. In Turkey a court has ruled to stop the development plans for Gezi park. Over in Iraq there has been a wave of violent attacks this week, some of the worst in recent history. And finally, in space news, the Russian Proton-M rocket crashed during takeoff calling into question the future of the Russian space program. This week's NEWZ Source is the Columbia Journalism Review.

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5 thoughts on “NEWZ054 Russian Roulette in the Skies

  1. First of all I wanted to thank you both for this podcast. I enjoy every episode and hope you keep up the good work, broadcasting the NewZzz to the masses.

    As a European, it is really bizarre to see a “putsch” on the democratically elected president by the military that’s being celebrated by millions of people. Strange world we live in…
    Tilo Jung on “Young & Naive” had an interesting talk with Sultan Al-Qassemi, yesterday, which helped me understand the situation in Egypt better.


    • As another European, I don’t. There is a lot more to democracy than one election. For example one could argue you don’t have a democracy if it cannot reproduce itself. Taking a pragmatic approach to democracy theory a nation’s military can be a safeguard against internal threats to its democratic nature, albeit a less than ideal and risky one.

      The whole thing reminds me of the Turkish military coups. Though I don’t know enough about both Turkish history and Egypt to decide whether that’s a good comparison.

  2. Just FYI: GLONASS is fully productive since 2011 with 100% global coverage. So they could switch off the GPS tomorrow and if you had a moden smartphone you would still have global navigation (worse quality than using both system parallel though which new phones do).

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