NEWZ067 I Am Wearing My Yellow Underwear

Mandela – CAR Violence – Thai Protests – Ukrainian Protests – Iran Nuclear – Swiss Referendum – The Atlantic – 30C3

We start today's newz with Nelson Mandela having passed away at the age of 95. While in the Central African Republic, French soldiers arrive just after over 100 people are killed in street battles. Thai protests ramp up in the week leading up to the King's birthday. Demonstrations in Ukraine continue calling for the government to step down. Iran and the International Community have reached a very historic agreement on the nuclear issue. The Swiss continue to discuss the issue of executive pay via the ballot box. This week's NEWZ Source is the Atlantic magazine. And finally a look ahead to the 30C3 this month in Hamburg.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tim Pritlove
Berlin, Germany


4 thoughts on “NEWZ067 I Am Wearing My Yellow Underwear

  1. Since Mark mentioned “googling”, I wondered do you use any specialised search engines (for example domain- or language-specific search engines) to research news? If so maybe you could present that instead of a news source in a future episode.

    Also, no mention of Global Voices, yet? I thought that would be among your sources, though I have to admit I personally use it for language learning instead of information.

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