NEWZ068 Salutations Cigarette Circle

Mandela Sign Language — Putin Pardons — South Sudan Coup Attempt — Press Freedom — Michelle Bachelet — EU Drones — EUObserver

As the world said goodbye to Mandela last week, some strange gifts came out of the ceremony. Putin has pardoned his nemesis along with several other high profile prisoners. South Sudan is reeling after what the president calls a coup attempt. Reporters Without Borders releases their 2013 Press Freedom Index with some interesting trends. In Chile the latest presidential election has brought back former president Michelle Bachelet. A group of 7 EU nations have agreed to form a drone producing club starting in 2020. And this week's NEWZ Source is the EUObserver.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tim Pritlove
Berlin, Germany





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  1. @Tim

    Hello Tim,
    weiß nicht ob dir schonmal jemand bescheid gesagt hat – Unter FireFox 25 und FFMobile funktionieren seit längerem die Downloadbuttons nicht (Bei allen Metaebene-Podcasts). Es startet immer direkt der Webplayer :(

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