NEWZ069 So Long And Thanks For All the Fish

Iraq Attacks Fallujah – African Migrants Israel – Latvia Euro – Bangladesh Elections – Japan Tuna – After Haiyan – Dubai Taxi – 30C3 Podcast

This week we kick off 2014 by looking at a few nations that could be extra busy in a bad way this year. In Iraq the government prepares an assault on out-of-control Fallujah. In Israel thousands of African migrants take to the streets to protest a new law. Parliamentary elections in Bangladesh have ended despite violence, a boycott from all opposition parties and the international community. Meanwhile Latvia has become the 18th country to join the euro. And something strange is going on in Tokyo as Tuna prices plunge despite dwindling global stocks. Our NEWZ Source this week is a recently created organization finding ways to fund stories from post Haiyan Philippines. Finally today the plane is fueling up as the Dubai Project takes off in a matter of hours. For those who haven't heard it yet, Tim and Mitch are guests on the latest edition of CTRP recorded at 30C3.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tim Pritlove
Berlin, Germany



One thought on “NEWZ069 So Long And Thanks For All the Fish

  1. just a remark to the tuna price drop:
    If I remember correctly, the price of the first tuna (that is way higher than the price for any other tuna) is only that high because this first auction of a year is a competion between the different sushi chefs who is most wealthy of them. So the drop in the tuna price might not be due to lower tuna prices but due to lower demand in being winner of the first auction

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