NEWZ070 You Can’t Win Against the Putino

Dubai Update – Egypt Constitution – Ukraine Protests – Argentina Tariff – Georgia Border – 7 Days

This week kicks off with a big update and discussion about Dubai as Mark approaches the end of the Dubai Taxi Project journey. Some Egyptian voters turned out and voted yes to a constitution. Protests continue in the Ukraine. Argentina has adopted new policies for online shopping in an effort to save their economy. Georgia claims that Russia has expanded their border by 11 KM as the Olympics approach. In honor of the Dubai journey, this week we feature 7 Days Dubai as our Newz Source.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Dubai, UAE
Tim Pritlove
Berlin, Germany



2 thoughts on “NEWZ070 You Can’t Win Against the Putino

  1. I have to say, I was skeptical about the whole taxi driver angle, but you must be on to something, Mark. When I checked the 7 Days in Dubai site for the article about your project (there is a new one by the way), I noticed that they have a lot of stories about taxi drivers. A search for “taxi driver” brings up a lot of results, many of which on a quick first glance actually have something about drivers in the title.

    Er, I didn’t find the link to the Newz of the World Tower crowdfunding campaign?

  2. You were talking in this episode how being indebted is illegal in Abu-Dhabi. Afaik being in debt is forbidden by the Sharia but there is something called Islamic Banking which allows you to essentially lend money by not borrowing any money.
    For example when you want to buy something expensive like a house you can’t afford, the bank will buy the house instead of you and then re-sell it to you in installements.
    Islamic Banking is rather interesting. The Wikipedia-article about how it works is here: (and from what I’ve seen it states what I read about it in the past ;) )

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