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Olympic Addiction — Venezuelan Protests — Korean Talks — Italian JFK — Indian Election — The545

This week Mark confesses a love affair with the Winter Olympics, especially curling. Mass protests in Venezuela leave several dead and another cable station is taken off the air. North and South Korea hold rare talks. A young new PM is about to be appointed in Italy. The Indian general election campaign has begun. This week's NEWZ Source: The 545, for all your Indian election information.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tim Pritlove
Berlin, Germany



4 thoughts on “NEWZ072 Curling The Newz

    • My motives are always pure as the fallen snow. And as you well know, it snows all the time in emmm.. Sochi.

  1. Hi Marc an Tim,

    It always hurt you talking about Venezuelan news. It sounds like the situation is not so worst.
    The channel witch was shout down was the last one transmitting news about the protests. Twitter was blocked too for some time, internet censur is normality sines some years. There were killed many more people than 2!

    The little reporting about the contry in the news is horrible and when there are report there a not really investigating and so singing the story like the government liked it.

    Y like your podcast much but please recherché the Venezuelan thema a bit more and talk about it.

    • Heya Kai– I had no idea our attempts at talking about Venezuela were hurting you. That’s not good man. Don’t let yourself be hurt by our podcast! We do what we can on that issue but at the same time, much of our stuff starts with what the mainstream press is saying. Then we look at what alternative press and reports say. When it comes to Venezuela for the past 20 years it has been a nonstop competition of pro and anti press about the government. Sometimes I see what I think are good alternative press sources and later I learn they are actually supported by a political party or some millionaire money. Anyway your point is well put and I will keep it in mind, but I would defend us by saying there has been much media manipulation from all sides in Venezuela and sometimes that is just hard to know how to handle.

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