NEWZ087 Archives of Repressive Bodies

EU Migration — Iran — China invests in Pakistan — Yemen situation — Ebola aftermath — FM radio on the way out in Norway — Politico.EU

Still not on a weekly schedule but steadily improving, that's us: another newz show focuses on the world's events and we have again collected a lot of interesting stories this week.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tim Pritlove
Bristol, United Kingdom


4 thoughts on “NEWZ087 Archives of Repressive Bodies

  1. Seems the archives were opened before: That would have been under Viktor Yushchenko.

    Also according to the following Guardian article this latest opening is part of a package of what it calls “decommunisation” laws:

    I think this is part of the endeavour to construct a particular Ukrainian national identity in which Russia through imperialism and especially Soviet communism is built up as an adversary of the Ukrainian nation. Which a reasonable case can be made for, if one accepts the category of “nation” and readily separates patriot from collaborator. But of course even given that prism the actual history is much more complicated. Today’s Ukraine was formed by the Russian Empire and the Soviets, it includes parts that were Polish, Romanian or Slovak territory at some point, Crimea and what used to be Noworossija probably would not have become part of an independent Ukraine had it asserted itself after World War I.

    In the end if the archives are completely opened this should not matter as they speak for themselves, except if the rather pessimistic scholar in the article is right in his assessment: “much archival evidence has already been destroyed by partisan researchers on one or the other side of the historical debate”. Anyway I join the pessism in that I think this is more about political ammunition then about truth and no need to mention reconciliation.

  2. Where are the newz? Or are there really no newz?! We the people demand the newz to come back and give us a glimpse of what is up in parts of the world that are not in our mainstream news!

  3. Ist dieser Podcast noch aktiv?
    In Ermangelung eines Fernsehers suche ich gerade einen Podcast, der mir (maximal) wöchentlich die wichtigsten Nachrichten zusammenfast. Optimalerweise in Form eines Laberpodcast in dem auch drüber diskutiert wird…

    Falls nicht: Kann mir jemand etwas derartiges empfehlen? Gibt nur News-Podcast von irgendwelchen Radio und TV-Sendern, die ihr Programm nochmal recylceln. Noch dazu meist auch auf täglicher Basis.

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