NEWZ019 No More Love From Hitler

SpaceX launches Falcon 9; Robert Fisk on massacre in Houla, Syria; Jacob Zuma and the "Spear-Penis"; Gas lobby in EU; Mein Kampf to be published in Germany in 2015

Another exciting week full of NEWZ has passed and it is your beloved newz team that again comes together to discuss, explain and complain about what the world has coming to. This week we take a look at most recent events in space exploration by commercial endeavors, discuss the latest development of the crisis in Syria, discuss penis paintings of South African prime ministers and talk about the EU pretending that white is black and natural gas is a "green". Finally we discuss the fact that Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf copyright is about to expire and what Germany does about that.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove