NEWZ030 Anonymous Al-Qaida Iran Experts

US Aid to Egypt Stalled; Hans Blix Speaks Out Over Failed Iran Nuclear Program Sanctions; Shell Stops Arctic Drilling Plans for This Year; USAID Suspends Operations In Russia; Chinese Protests Against Japan Worldwide

We start this week in newz with the aftermath of the video protests and some new related developments including the withholding of big money to Egypt. Hans Blix, respected expert best known from the Iraq sanctions days is making headlines with his criticism of the Iran-sanctions strategy. Suspicion as Shell and Gazprom cancel arctic drilling and exploration for 2012. USAID pulls out or gets kicked out of Russia. And around the world Chinese people are protesting Japan's purchasing of Senkaku islands. Finally we wrap it up with a big thanks as the crowdfunding goal for Egypt and Tunisia has been reached!

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove