NEWZ044 Non-Aligned Podcast Movement

Ecuador re-elects Correa; Blackmailed Gay Clergy at Vatican; Vluchtkerk; Nuclear Waste in US and Germany; Informed Comment; Lybia

This week we look at the reelection of Ecuador's president Rafael Correa and roll the dice if the report on "Blackmailed Gay Clergy" at the Vatican might be related to the Pope's recent resignation. Marks reports from a visit to a refugee church in Amsterdam this week, home to 127 refugees that the Dutch government wants to send home. We also discuss problems with Nuclear waste at Hanford (US) and Asse (Germany) and the general unsolved problems of the remains of Nuclear power production worldwide. We conclude with a brief look at the second anniversary of the Libyan revolution and point to another excellent NEWZ source: Informed Comment by Juan Cole.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove