NEWZ023 Not Remembered As A Visionary

Japan Restarts Nuclear Reactor; EU patents; The Plunder of Timbuktu; Exxon Boss Speaks Out Against Climate Change; France to Legalize Same-Sex Marriages; Lula Da Silva; Peter Sunde's plea for pardon

As the high point of the summer draws near, Tim and Mark get into the restarting of a nuclear reactor in Japan. While Europe gets closer to a continent-wide patent system, down in Timbuktu an extremist militia has decided that ancient treasures must be destroyed. The CEO of Exxon pleads poverty. Same-sex marriage will be legalized in France next year. Former Brazilian president Lula da Silva appears in a documentary worth checking out. Peter Sunde appeals to the people and asks for a pardon.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove