NEWZ013 Rockets and Pipelines

Kim Jong Un; Rick Santorum quits; Sudan bombs South Sudan; Malawian president dies; Guinea Bissau; Pirate Party in Germany on a roll

This week North Korea is back on the newz list as their rocket hits the sea and the boy-president makes his first speech. Then we go to US politics where Santorum has announced he's out of money so Romney can be the candidate for the Republican party. The big stories for this week come from Africa where along the border between Sudan and South Sudan, an oil dispute is raging. While in Malawi the continent's second-ever female president,Joyce Banda, was sworn in. Over in the west there is more bad news this week as Guinea-Bissau's executive branch has been arrested by a military coup. Back in Germany the pirate party is once again turning heads and making headlines, what will become of this rising star of party politics?

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove