NEWZ011 May Contain Traces of Ethics

Pope visits Cuba; Lithuania goes deeper into nuclear power; Iran's 'halal' Internet and new national spying program; Fault Lines documentary about Occupy; Mike Daisey and Foxconn blowback; Samsung cooperating with FairPhone

This week Tim and Mark poke around the internet to try and understand what is happening with religion and Cuba following the Pope's visit. While back in Europa, Lithuania has made a new deal with a Hitachi to build a "next generation" nuclear plant - oddly inspiring an idea to visit Stendal. The Chinese company ZTE recently made big sale to Iran for some internet surveillance equipment, as we look at some other names that have sold or almost sold similar items to the Ayatollahs. A new documentary about Occupy has been released on Al Jazeera, one year since this global phenomenon, we reflect on the images and actions, as well as the possible legacy. Following up on last week's Foxconn-Mike Daisy debacle, the second most powerful Tim in the world is visiting the production facilities, while we share some slightly more informed opinions one week later. In a related story we get an update about the FairPhone project, to hear what the latest is from the quest to build more ethical mobile devices. Note: Tims audio track contains some annoying clicks we couldn't get rid of during editing. We apologize for the inconveniences.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove