NEWZ052 Violation of Common Sense

Fighting in Lebanon — Corn in Mexico — Ethiopian Dam — Guatemalan Court Decision — Vine Video Copyright — LA Monitor

On today's edition of Newz of the World we begin in Lebanon where Syrian war related violence broke out this week. In related news, the EU embargo on supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels has now ended. Over the weekend there was a worldwide protest against Monsanto, with a particularly large turn out in Mexico where people around the country and demanding the government halt the expansion of GMO corn use. Concern has been expressed by Egypt and Sudan as Ethiopia pushes forward with its Millennium dam project that will divert at least part of the Nile's flow. Just as it seemed former Guatemalan leader Rios Montt was convicted of genocide, the Constitutional Court as overturned the verdict and ordered a do-over. In the world if Vine videos the DMCA has been issuing take-down notices to the 6 second video application insisting those with concert footage are copyright infringements. This week's Newz source is the Latin American Monitor, an initiative of the Christian Science Monitor.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove


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