NEWZ089 Torches and pitchforks

State of the West — US elections — Lebanon

So we're back! After a super long break of almost four years we decided to continue this podcast in one way or another. Certainly not on a weekly basis but the upcoming US elections are going to be something we want to comment on at least in the coming months to get a grip on what the world is going to face and what the implications are going to be for all of us.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Tim Pritlove

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15 thoughts on “NEWZ089 Torches and pitchforks

  1. …I just thought it might never ever – GUESS WHO’S BAAAACK!!
    One of my all time favorite podcasts – you making me so happy ;)
    *clicks play* \o/

  2. Great that you’re back – thanks a lot!
    Allthough somehow I lost the subscription, luckily I saw the good news on

  3. Welcome back and thanks for the show. Enjoyed listening to you again after such a long time. Can‘t wait for the next one!

  4. I didn’t even know about this podcast series, found it through metaebene. Great discussion, it’s fun and informative to listen to you, looking forward to more!

  5. Hello, this was funny! I just started to listen to your old podcasts, because I need to practise my English and now you`re back! I seem to have a good connection to the universe ;-) I like, what you are doing and of course, I`ll donate!

  6. So this was actually my first show ever.
    And I really enjoyed it.

    I am listening to all of your other podcasts and of course I had to subscribe to this one as well.
    But I do think your come-back with The Lunatic Fringe was even more surprising.

  7. This was my first show ever, I switched over from LNP or UKW (?). It was fun listening, I heard new aspects on many topics and I will definitely stick to the podcast and wait for the next show to come.
    Keep it up.

  8. Thanks for starting again on a new MONTHLY basis!
    This podcast is (as before) donating so much positive soulfood and shows, that at least 2 are out there, that still care for the world – no matter if UK, US, Lebanon, Far West/Far East – you name it…

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