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NEWZ095 Anti-Vaxxers are Anti-Tourists

Corona Update — Trump vs. GOP — The Biden Cabinet — Senate Runoffs — China and the Uygurs

So it looks as if the US elections are finally decided and although Trump will still use the last days of his presidency to cause maximum harm to the institutions and continues to claim fraudulent elections in order to secure donations from his base, Joe Biden will in fact be the next president of the USA and the farce that the Trump presidency has been will finally be over end of next January. We discuss what the relationship of Trump and the GOP will be in the future, what the cabinet of Joe Biden will be like and if there is a chance the democrats get control of the US senate.
Veröffentlicht am: 18. December 2020
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  5. The Biden Cabinet 00:30:23.922
  6. Georgia Senate Runoffs 00:51:14.881
  7. China: Uygar Forced Labor for the Cotton Industry 00:59:50.591
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Mark Fonseca Rendeiro

Hello hello hello hello and welcome people of planet earth you have turned into news of the world where we summarize what is going on in this world the world we live in and in order to understand everything we bring our finest brains available that is myself marcus secreto bicycle mark in amsterdam and i bring a pond a call upon another brain temporary love anberlin hello tim. It's all coming so clear as we approach the end of twenty twenty finally understand. The worlds and powfu things work. People have to say the empire has no clothes always wonder what's wrong with his wardrobe now i get it. That's just not much there there. I got it i'm gonna give me the end of the show first these people don't know much their just people and they kind of sucked what they do but they get these big jobs good night no no no no. I've got i've got you, all those answers even looking for all year of the answers you look for as you shop on amazon river you shop thinking with this click with this delivery this will be the answer, and then the next day there you are searching again thinking nono no it's the next item i buy when it arrives. So we made it to middle of december someone you were way pass the first half of december the end of twenty twenty looms, we on this program have talked about. The election in the united states with talk about coronavirus these things are still present in our lifetime weeds we're not out of the woods yet. Yes. Turn on that day i had to other day after i had to take a train for some, income related work related appointments that i couldn't get out of dispatch health risks and i saw the world in the netherlands at least between train stations and people still going to work but yet far far less people it's pretty quiet but nothing does not compare with a quietness of the the march lockdown here it was so wonderful quiet then now people kind of they still do their thing their just they do less things. All i want for christmas is my two vaccinations matthew vaccinations the two vaccinations. We should mention it i don't know if this is really not the case when we did our last program but as of this point december twenty twenty vera is an approved vaccine in several countries it's starting to arrive not just added bitch this week it's being administered the ones i know about anyway uka uka news the united states, what else people getting this pacing it's not in the middle is that i know. Oh yeah bye in the whole usa. Yeah i mean it this is gonna be come out. Add kind of combination or juxtaposition i'm thinking here we just mentioned europe i think this is gonna happen another places we see these, big spikes of the number of people getting coronavirus death guess, become a little bit less of us thing but you still see huge amount of people getting it on being affected by at the same time what's happening we can read a story, every day of the vaccines being administered even are there kind of the other vaccines being approved for their on in the process of testing for those two things sometimes i think for people seem to know that i think he's a desire, obviously to not just because of the amount of time we been being cautious since i forth but also knowing there's an accent out there and yet saying nobody still don't go near anyone, don't don't go to your family or don't it's a these two things are quite big contrasts but that is, what we've got tonight that is that has to do with how many people are in the world that has to do with indeed yeah speed with witches of east end was developed but there is the element of handing out, getting it administered correctly and even if you call your program warp speed i don't know that scotty has an of power to get everybody a vaccine by otto knows spring. Thank here's a question by to have questions in news of the world you think there will be in, already have a medical passport in our world i have one always been for going to places in the world where yellow fever ebola whatever is a thing to show that i have certain vaccinations do you think this let's take the european scales for example will it be coma thing that you have to have a some kind of medical proof that you have a crush corona virus the vaccines the take. Becomes the way. No i'm actually when i think about it it's not it's not something we've never seen before actually is people talk about it brave new world but this exists from many countries. You know people you guys always going out to french montana just for fun. Speaking of collisions i mean somethings are not quite finished in this case there is the us election that was is we have to talk in multiple tenses of course joe biden the vice president a former vice president united states was oh active this week the electoral college conspiracy theory real power in the elections of the united states of these presidential election today gave their vote based on the results of the general election and bitten once i can't win so that. Is interesting only in so far as there has been an attempt by the current president of the united states to influence that electoral college not to go with the general election results it didn't happen centrally anyone who checked a newspaper in the last well, two three weeks has seen that trump's attempt to stop by the from, taking his place are getting awarded, what's wrong with channels the presidency none of them worked i think eighty-six judges at this point eighty-six different cases fifty court including, the supreme court he keeps losing trump does. So it would seem as it has seems that we are closer to dj jo biden come january getting the presidency. I can't remember. Yes yeah they're just a reminder at this is a thing we were kidding, yes it is the inauguration of which i think takes place, after the twentieth but see some, is there have been some references after the electoral college not question becomes how can they still they being the people who don't want button to become president don't want to accept the election results anything else they can do legally apparently and again lot of vague references to this you can pursuit on your own that there's a policy or a law maybe from the eighteen hundred where the senate instead of just reading the results, routine kod demands a vote. Approve the results or some help recognize the results i don't think so like black and white issues here i think start of cast down on the not be good for the election results and, i need to republicans the do it they need to republican's to present the that should be me down. Definitely gonna happen. Yes they could do it just continue this process of let's let's put into words he knows he's losing, buddy wants to take a dump all over the whole thing and cast down and make himself a hero referred to all kinds of ways of what is trying to do and so they could do it anyway just a bee, angry children but also to have it recorded like that year there was some doubts about the election big dope so they didn't vote didn't change anything but they did it. Yes. Yeah i mean we know is an expression in english that i do like dining out on something do something die bout it downtown on that story for from months for years and when something happens to become sort of symbolic motivating story end this is certainly trump setting up with he's going to dine out on soda speak or build the next few years on top of and that is i'm the guy who lost the easy corrupt election, i was a good president and strange situation kick me out but as you just brought up the question is. What are the questions history the republican party, also take ownership of the story for the next two years and say like we are with him we were duped we this thing was stolen from us to benefit but also to stick with a story or do they separate themselves and say play that guy i really know what is complaining about i mean right now they been mostly quiet at off and reported on how few republicans in in any kind of office publically say not just it bidness president that's so us popular topics but also that actually there was nothing there's no corruption there's no stealing of any election they're not really saying that but maybe within six months within a year they will sort of you know, retail their history and say that wasn't really art thing that was his thing or are we all together trump and republican party for the next few years. Still looking for signs. Steele. No hero. Yeah that's that georgia central action. Set it too much work exhausted. What's the creator higher office he said. Interesting pick it up on politico today talking about what happens in the next election two years from now for years from now little factory to thirty eight fifty states, which is basically accounting for eighty five percent of the us population they will have a governor election for the governor ships between thousand twenty twenty one and twenty twenty two so a dozen states are potentially going to other stay democrat or become a republican her vice versa also going to be as you said like a real moment of seeing where the country really is and who's gonna be able to do things what kind of agenda is gonna be able to be brought. Yeah some people thinking about the what policies there gonna put forward and ny people voted for bitten with with a wanted to see you and i have talked about how with it early yet but the it's time the bidding cabinet people that are going to be in key position especially in the aftermath of a trump presidency where he put in people that were largely in their positions too slow things down take away regulations it's all about me strong stuff so now you get a group of people that have. Fix things improve things possibly do something bolder new question mark no that again we are talking about a bit in cabinet i think i'm myself forget that sometimes this is not the most dynamic useful change the world kind of politics this is zayn season veteran eastern made no secrets of that we haven't been able to get a lot if you're progressive out of him list out of what he says so everyone's looking at the cabinet appointments i'm sure people have heard bits and pieces some of it is perhaps just too small to really focus on but what we're seeing generally speaking are a lot of obama administration veterans some people even clinton administration veterans coming back in a different slightly different position but going with what we had a look for expected there is this element of women and people of color. In positions not always in the top positions sometimes in the smaller cabinets acting some complaints at the smaller cabinet positions are often people of color and women so far but what i see is india not much in terms of different not much in terms of someone who hasn't already done this kind of job but i need yes women people of color democrats obviously i think i've seen this or republican, included but i'm sure he's going to do it because he is a person who has a lot of friends on both sides of the isle for all his years in office this week we saw secretary of energy which is essentially secretary of nuclear stuff is the former governor michigan governor jennifer grantham partly she's really into electric cars i mean it's michigan car building. What is a funny thing for a office that i am sure has influence over things like standards with cars and such but also like nuclear energy and that's for me such a big question risk concern and their there we have someone with potentially not much on that issue and then we had the former presidential candidate mayor p bridge is now going to be the secretary of transportation. So if you ever been to what is it grand rapids michigan what's a city i guess everything's gonna look like that now but i have no idea what town is like but there he is former president of the first former presidential candidate getting a cabinet position. I think so i haven't checked my work on that one. Yep no cabinet position for clinton for afro b vitamin yet would like we haven't seen like some people taught elizabeth warren. Yeah from the whole crew. Indeed indeed fahrenheit that is the highest possible former arrival so here we have another former rival different kind would say more of a well everybody's, i want to use the word liberal i know that some bitten supporters would be offended so it's not my point to a friend you but it is that this is someone in the background who is not a well not a socialist in the sense of not about expanding the public sector message sarah lee listen to the specials abc selling increasing of income sort of public private partnerships will see we'll see. Bidness cabinet. The other names. Keep that. Andrew yang i am surprise not to see yang and here i mean no surprise cause biden isn't change baker but yang was the cool outsider with a lot of interesting ideas we've seen this type of candidates come up, in the past i mean it even even there i said trump brought what is name the former carson for me. So i thought yang i mean i'm gang gang kinda guy. I guess so i don't know yes yes i enjoyed him as a candidate i like his waves speaking and i love that he has no background in politics at all it's kind of fun sure there's a job does not to be secretary of anything but he could be like you know special council on. No kids still kids in there. Right too big. I said yes i thought the right kind of wrong what you just described being experience and professional but also, being her own person being strong being potential revolutionary and away i thought you a treasury as soon as they selected janet yellen how old professional from this world i need some people said she's different i don't think so but so i thought that's it there's no room for warren now is no place for warren g that would be in the job i'm i thought my old friend informer guest on my podcast corey booker, politics wise he would fit with joe biden in terms of corbin is not a progressive he is a very pragmatic person very proud business also but but yet a person of the people i thought i would think somewhere don't know exactly where. Hopefully not education cause the people in norwood well they already reason up before but they rise up again like what are you doing so i thought i mean, people the judge make some sense, the i still believe castro who actually has been in a cabinet position i believe for obama's i'm surprised at the back because that's the perfect formula you were democratic presidential candidate end you work for obama erin but i don't i don't know that anyone else amy shark that we've been pretty easy, i don't think but she's got her set it giggs so i guess that's too big to lose right now you don't want to mess around with that i'm so i don't think anybody else from the list. Let me get special elections. I don't know weather right no no i don't think it's happened yet. I think i have to re-release the audio actually in look into it released archive but. I want i want with him on a night patrol is very nice. He's always been very good at even with large numbers of people communicating freaking out not remembering your name remembering something about you like you part of the job. So i don't know you're still opportunities cabinet was are still so big education is still out there. No not now not now his two important in the senate and i think he's big personality and that's true for a lot of the presidential candidates better aurora like too big these personalities a very big they they want a future i'm not sanders but once a future in the party maybe without being a job impair. Love i wouldn't. I love him into the bass i really love him in the date. Who has a book out i was looking for good books to buy for christmas and there's his book i don't know. Yes about his husband i guess or being a political husband or something i don't know about you. No no no by put it on me maybe read everything maybe read for me so obama's book. It's just behind matthew mcconaughey book. No no. From what i understand which is not that much but the democratic party see him as important for their future. That's not true every candidate but they have invested in him and there's their something there in terms of life hate not this year but and if you do this job good disco already mine the article said being secretary of transportation could help you with the people of color and the poor put every working class family really cares. Yes yes, i mean there a certain states power of course there's a limit to the federal power button something there yes you can have for example i remember if you can remember back to me been to new york there's so we tunnels, i've got bridges in the whole problem if you ever ben to manhattan is if you wanna come from new jersey which is where a lot double the population basically comes from for working it's a lot of people and their hasn't been any improvement so they used to be this. Proposal to build another tunnel i think possibly more than one it would be very expensive these days to build a tunnel between new jersey and new york and it would have required federal money to my understanding and somewhere even think during the bush years, i want to play sweeterman just killed it from the federal level i think already the money that we supposed to be there so the federal government has power over, infrastructure to some extent certainly by providing additional money that often maybe states don't have then priorities perhaps i know that the obama administration tried to prioritize high speed rail at least as a. Vision for the future and they laid out three forty from places california was probably the most, like likely candidate where their could be high speed raw lines that would receive federal funding so there's, certainly some influence over what the country does transportation was on the other hand there's so little good federal infrastructure other than highways all the drivers out there probably no better than me that you know when the federal government is involved when it comes to highways in the highway system i guess important but i don't know so much about that i don't forget the country that the united states only like, i think about ten years ago was the big crisis like a bridge collapse suddenly was discovered even here in europe there was more emphasis on you know we should take another look at bridges that, actually might not be in good standing are we have the collapse in geneva maybe two years ago and suddenly realized everywhere that infrastructure supporting existing infrastructure not necessarily been a well cared priority, especially when you in a big country when there's budget cotton choices so. End invite and the incoming administration have an important role just a keep people live with the world of transportation ends ultimately the impact on the environment also got something to do here. So we should i don't know if any of these other it is interesting to look at the democrats list to see who could get another cabinet position smaller tom staar, person who helped fun the lord of the campaign against donald trump in terms of the the impeachment and he was sort of middle of the road kind of democratic candidate very friendly not too big and i can see him maybe getting a job too but thompson old white guy maybe that's not, exactly what we want, for bibio hard to tell hard to tell so let's see what we get there too outsiders up for education which is interesting former dean of howard university and a sort of educational veteran from connecticut they've actually be people who didn't work for obama who could come in and be somewhat different and that's education i mean it would really be important these days especially after betsy devos which has been bird particularly and public education secretary not that the federal government has that much power but they they got their federal grandson you know it said something. Yes we can paint for hidinin. Rami. Two important of an alien in a weird way or someone you could work with in the senate is funny that you know send it if he comes so important that you don't necessarily wanted to serve. Yes yes yep could be could be. That's gonna be interesting because i think the chance of i haven't looked at the sort of odds vegas betting everything but i am sure there's a decent chance that we can have a split senate, that's what i don't become interesting i say for reaching across the island you know yeah yeah who's who's someone who doesn't, doesn't need to toe the party line about never working tim mcgraw actually would. Will it be early voting has started as i am understand it this week of course the actual elections still what the first week of january it's stephanie january so it's amazing help early early voting starts but apparently. Capital on that one so apparently it's not expected to have ask higher turn out because well it's no when you compare stuff with the trump bitten show i mean it how do you live up to that so on the one hand you don't expect the same turn on the other hand it's well-known how important this is it even for the average person in georgia right now you know the whole world is watching, and their has been a very high demand again in corona times for mailing voting avoiding, once again this. Put the risk can it's already happening their legal challenges before any votes are counted two have mallon certain kinds of mail in voting errors and stuff thrown out all together, there's room here i'll be asleep from more doubt and this is become the thing in a time of heavy metal and voting point to it and say i don't know what that is that wasn't done well so both parties are in the state i would call it its own party because state of georgia doesn't want to be humiliated and that's been kind of the fight between the republicans doing these jobs and election monitoring and handling who just don't wanna be don't want people to say, what first of all things are true but just being accused of being like you guys don't run election so it's actually kind of three parties rushing here to show that this is going to be well-run non-carbonated compromise process but its gonna actually i think he's numbers. Especially early voting could get his highest what we saw for the presidential election because you know its true senate races and as we pointed out it's really important so it's big everybody is ben campaigning mostly we here by the pence very active obviously the, presente united states sad, add two annoyed to do too much campaigning but buddies down his rallies and it's going to be a very close rice. End the song stories are coming out about legal challenges and i don't i don't know if any of them will hold up but i don't think there is easy, two knockout trump is put forward i think they might be more clever and more well organized and and carry out with better lawyers to say look, if you do this on envelope accidently if you mark this ballad it's out it's out i mean. I think we could see a more successful campaign of throwing out vote has there been counted or just before their counted so that's also something. Kelly laufer. Warnock. I don't know. I i think it's the first i think that they're this could be us rallying point look their planning republicans that are tired of trump. They still believe in their party in their politics maybe they bought into the stories of like that the vitamin station is gonna be two radical, no matter what they see in terms of speechless cabinet positions that point of the opposite but i don't even if they don't think they gonna be too proud it's not is there a party that has won the presidential race let's clear or at least its clear enough this could be us rallying point so i think that they're gonna be fine and turn up turn out i think that debbie just a strong as ever been able to be in in georgia which usually means a win for the republicans i'm curious here if maybe i haven't done to deeply into who kelly laughter is little bit into purdue, i get the impression she's not that great of a candidate look that doesn't matter any local president but i think we could have a split here and i think the republicans will turn out because it's become a rallying point no matter how extreme you are for the rolling play for the people that say what a terrible fifth but it's also rallying point for people who say forget trump. Forget the presidency the senate is the power and we want it, control these guys for the next four years and then we get someone actually someone better for me we had so, basically this is the bridge two another republican president potentially. I don't remember and five thirty eight open ten i don't think it's a new race maybe but in the original burden general election i was surprised that also did not do well against purdue at least i did not match produced numbers close enough runoff didn't finish that way because that's also one thing that concerns me that i think, what aqua sing to me i mean we don't have the benefit of that first racecar this is a special election but you want them to be to be stronger, candidate in general and there's no numbers for that first, election having been on successful but i was surprised sort of concerned, i guess i'm awesome winning right simply couldn't, handle purdue in a btob convincingly in that first race. I stand corrected i don't think about you purdue finished with forty nine point seven start forty nine point seven percent of the votes and also got forty seven point nine play a that's a different song little bit over a hundred thousand. Yeah so there's that i'll be certainly a big story as the new year begins so we can look for i'm this week i brought a story because i see it making the rounds and we mentioned here towards the end of our list but news out of china for years obviously we heard about the situation with wear people we heard about prison the campaign to change the religion of muslims in china. And i found it, put the alarm interesting also in terms of kind of response to get from the world but there's been a report released on fourth labor specifically for the cotton industries for the garden, industry in the end another houses of cotton i mean chinese not the biggest supplier of coin in the world but there certainly big. I think they represent twenty percent of the global supply and it turns out that it many of these prisons training camp as think the chinese government has called them reporting the kids this is from the center for global policy at washington base think tank and their basically saying that half a million years are force to work picking cotton, it's part of this whole program that i have to go through the years they have to spend i didn't call detention but obviously this is force labor as a response where seeing already of those end of the year this so much as received other things going on in politics united states is announcing a band on chinese cotton obviously this is fitz well into a trump campaign that's nothing do with human rights but it's always about banning things from china i think that was awesome supposed to respond i don't have anything in front of me about what their going to do about the results is going to be in the uk is considering it is well a sort of band don't know how long it last don't know stripped it would be but on chinese cotton. Which the maine the reason that look if if there's reports coming out that it's we are people being forced slaves to work in a prison labor we don't we don't want to know what can we do here in chinese very powerful academically but we're gonna say take that we're not telling at the house reports have been coming for years now and the chinese government always respond by saying is not true it's very difficult area to get accurate information and it's even more difficult to actually do something to change what is happening but here we obviously governments using their economic power. Make a statement and i think that's currently something i mean top appointment to go against the top things to change so lonely to the stories bout that many people have seen submission of it in the last few weeks we got labor and cotton keep it up for it. I don't understand you know that often say understand the situation. Yeah that's interesting yes yeah. Yeah yeah this is where organizations with people on the ground certainly whistle blowers when you can get this is where anyone who functions as a teacher, weather is culture weather is politics language certainly all the people are very important because these are the bridges to help us understand the country with your doing ends, not just another i don't think that what you're saying ten but not just say yes chinese different so we're not gonna. No when i gonna do anything here are not gonna respond maybe it's not our fault so it's it's the attempt to, indie point limited understanding on our part i think but also to know when to respond to no one something is happening and then, have some options but i do which is tough indeed with such a powerful nation special economically. I didn't understand people use to say i feel like the nineties in the us people would say in chinese economy is getting bigger chinese population is getting bigger in the future and it was start of killy shay thing to say everyone will speak chinese because i will be such an important language the way english is now an idiot i was just thinking about that europe imagine we are already in the future, end what is happening is not that actually everyone speak chinese but indeed that china is the economic powerhouse of the world what a disadvantage for everyone else that isn't, in china and speak chinese right like we start a missed out on a key part if if this is the economic engine of the world or least one of them not speaking their language understanding their culture put set a mendez disadvantage and it's just bad for everyone involved cuz we just, don't understand the north haven us between language between culture would you people outside the us two understand it very well has been able to now, yes. Any ncaa yes and ironically that may not happen not around ugly god you're such a large-scale is a probably should i don't know. No No interesting so let's see how the new year is in if it's one more understanding and the transparency who knows i think today on that note of the birds the china end the things going on in china hopeful that as we approached end of the earth time we could still do an end of the year type program as we have traditionally where we sort of i don't know how will do it right now but look at some themes from. Invite chef statehood for that. Thank you for being subscribed so you can get that. Alright so until next time and thank you so much by the way for all the feedback and the i see the stuff on twitter obviously as well with people just retweeting her commenting her i know that you had a meter avenue anniversary man that got a lot of happy anniversary in the i got mentioned if there's like i feel it all having anniversary so happy anniversary tim for your product production company. Your podcast network. Is everywhere it is this is the way. Alright so until next time think so much for listening everyone and you can find us at all the usual places if you're not already subscribed find news with the sea of the world out there on the internet. Show i said him next time.